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    Members get the opportunity to play at the next level - PERIOD

    - Proven Methodology to Maximize Opportunities at the College Level
    - Founded by Former College Player, Recruiter, and Coach
    - Comprehensive Athletic College Planning
    - Reality Based, Integrity Driven Approach
    - Our programs are designed to get players better, prepare them for the next level & at the best possible match


    Our Recruiting Coaches are Former College Players and/or College Coaches that Understand the Recruiting Process from the Other Side
    The recruiting process can be frustrating and mysterious and very often leaves talented, deserving student-athletes without an opportunity to continue playing their sport at the college level. Our recruiting coaches have been through the recruiting process, and understand how to navigate from the other side. Fallon Sports ... making playing your sport in college a reality since 1996.
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    Fallon Sports offers affordable programs to help you maximize your opportunity to execute a successful plan to play in college.

    - COLLEGE RECRUITING 101 - Gets you organized, develops a plan, make college connections and maximize exposure.
    - PILOTS BASEBALL CLUB - A competitive organization that allows you to attend workouts, compete in meaningful games and maximize college exposure opportunities.
    - CONSULTING - With Jeff Fallon, honest & realistic guidance to the right college for you
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Fallon Sports College Planning


There are several reasons that so many talented student-athletes never realize their dreams of competing in college. Here are the most common:

  • They don't understand the recruiting process
  • They don't target / apply to appropriate schools
  • They don't prepare academically and athletically
  • They don't promote themselves properly

In other words, they don't have a plan for college or recruiting and they don't know how to go about creating one. Fallon Sports does not want that to happen to you.

College planning and the recruiting process can be mysterious, overwhelming, and daunting. In today's extremely competitive environment, it has never been more important to understand the process, develop a plan to work the process, be able to weigh options, and make informed decisions on where to attend school and be a contributing student-athlete. Most importantly, a trusted recruiting coach can assist every step of the way.

Our College Planning Program begins with a realistic approach and a step by step plan to help each student-athlete reach their goals.  Our programs are not designed to randomly get student-athletes letters from college coaches and send them around the country to "be seen."  Our programs are geared to develop a college plan that supports the individual - with their goals, dreams and ability - at the forefront. We do not believe that one-size-fits-all in the recruiting game. To put it simply, we want to make sure they understand the recruiting process, target appropriate schools, prepare academically and athletically, and promote themselves properly.

College Planning Programs


Our course will maximize the opportunity to play your sport in college. We provide extensive support in all aspects of the recruiting process plus access to tools, templates, interviews, videos, monthly webinars or workshops and more.   We create a road map for you, we help you target the appropriate schools and follow through with each college coach and admissions officers as needed to find the best possible match.

To get started in the course or learn more detailed information just Click Here


If you need more of a one on one approach, we offer one hour with Jeff Fallon in an individual or group session. These sessions can be structured around topics you submit, or open question time. An opportunity to spend focused time with a recognized leader in college planning and athletic recruiting.  If you would like to set up this opportunity just e-mail and request an hour with Jeff.

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